Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Projects for After Your Kids Fly the Coop

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Budget-Friendly Home Improvement Projects for After Your Kids Fly the Coop

Chances are, raising your family kept you occupied for years. Once your kids are on their own, however, you can spread your wings and make some changes. Here are some fun, budget-friendly projects for transforming your nest.

Rethink and Rearrange

Now that the kids are grown and gone, it’s time to change up your home environment. Think about the direction you want to go, and have fun with it! The garage is free of youngsters’ sporting equipment, their bedrooms are empty, and the entire house is all yours. What’s in store for you now? You don’t need a big budget to revamp your surroundings, and as explained by House Beautiful, now is the perfect time to be a little selfish. Come up with a plan and do some rearranging so you can focus on your project. Whether you’re packing things until the kids get settled, storing keepsakes, or getting furniture out of the way so you can work on DIY projects, self-storage is a budget-friendly choice. That way, you can avoid cluttering up your home by shifting things from room to room while you work. Be sure to compare prices on storage units in your area before signing a contract. And for budgeting purposes, know that the overall average price of a self-storage unit booked in New York, NY, over the past 180 days is $92.88.

From Bedroom to Reading Room

Converting a former bedroom into a reading room or home office is a relatively simple remodeling project that can really pack a punch. Not only do you get an opportunity to pull out the old twin bed and take down the baseball decor, but you can also make the room your own cozy getaway. Pull out the old furniture and set up your space with bookshelves, a desk, and a handsome chair. Feel like taking the project a step further? Classic built-in shelving requires a little bit of work, but the effects are functional and fun! If you decide on built-in shelving, but don’t have the time or confidence to DIY the project, the estimated cost to build 1 full 10 linear feet of shelving is $560-$700.

Fix Up Your Garage

Have you dreamed of your own workbench where the kids’ bicycles sat? Or, perhaps you just want to get organized and move out the old toys so you can actually park a car in there. Fisher Lumber notes empty nesters can revamp a garage with minimal effort and expense. The bulk of your work might just be eliminating clutter. Donate or store the items that are in the way, and then evaluate what else is necessary. If you decide a full garage makeover is in order, you can do so on the cheap. Finished drywall is optional, depending on your budget and skills, and your must-haves are up to you! Consider adding inexpensive wire shelving and sealing your floor, and you can organize your wall space with pegboard and totes for tools.

Create a Workout Room

Working out is good for us, and having your own home gym can be the key to staying in shape.  Why not convert an old bedroom or playroom into your workout space? No more trudging to the gym on winter days or dragging yourself to the park when it’s raining! Or, maybe you meant to get in shape this year and it’s time to finally make good on that New Year’s resolution.  LifeHacker points out you can create a home gym with a tight budget and a little elbow grease.  Include a few smart basics like a full-length mirror so you can check your form, some dumbbells or resistance bands, a mat, and a stability ball to work your core. A cardio-oriented machine like a treadmill or stepper rounds out your new home gym nicely.

Empty Nest, but Living Large!

Your kids are getting on with their lives, so it’s time to do something fun. Why not change up your home environment? Make the most of your empty nest with budget-friendly redos!

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