Marble & Stone Polishing

Marble & Stone Polishing

granite stone cleaningOur professionals understand the needs of the many natural stone surfaces available, and we pride ourselves on helping you understand the care, maintenance, repair, and restoration needs of your stone. We can help inform you of the differences – and the benefits – of a honed finish or a polished finish. We can also help educate you on how cleaning will remove abrasives and contaminants, but restoration will improve clarity, impart luster, and revive finishes. We know that stones, polishes, and finishes can degrade, and that the rate of degradation increases in the absence of proper maintenance. However, with restoration, a “like new” polished or honed appearance can be imparted to your stone.

If everyday wear and tear has removed the luster from your marble, granite, or other natural stone on your home, it’s time to call Platinum Care. Our technicians can correct most of the everyday problems that can rob the beauty of your marble.

Our Services Include

    • Cleaning
      Using a wide range of alkaline, pH-neutral, or acid cleaning agents carefully selected for your stone, we can agitate and emulsify soils with our brushes and machines then remove soil with a combination of heat, water, and high pressure in our contained application and extraction tools.
    • Polishing or Honing
      Our diamond abrasives and pads will remove light scratches and scuffing that may have impaired the appearance of your stone and restore the honed or polish finish of your marble or other natural stone floor. Granite finishes can also be restored with a granite polish.
    • Grinding or Honing
      Deep scratches, marks, or excessive lippage may require more aggressive and invasive mechanical grinding procedures using diamond – or even metal – abrasives and pads before the stone can be restored to a polished or honed finish.
    • Sealing or Finishing
      Porous natural stones that may absorb liquids may be sealed with a penetrating sealer, if necessary. In certain instances or on softer, more vulnerable stones such as slate, a coating or finish may also be applied. These applications are subject to viability, need, and client preference.

Other Natural Stone Surfaces We Treat

      • Travertine
      • Slate
      • Limestone
      • Terrazzo
      • Granite

Experience The Difference!

At Platinum Care, we are devoted to providing you with an outstanding experience from start to finish, personalized to meet your needs.

Every one of our service professionals are trained to not only meet, but exceed industry standards and take pride in going above & beyond by seeking to continue their education in the field.

As a result, we are able to reach our goal to not only provide services, but also educate, provide recommendations and individualized assistance to each and every one of our clients. If you are not satisfied, we will rush back to your home to address any correctable concerns. If you are still not satisfied, we will gladly return your money.

Our Mission

To provide the most outstanding service experience ever.


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