Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning

Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning

CC1_DTLCRM4Your home, like most homes today, has a variety of floor and wall coverings. Tile – and a wide range of stone – now covers more than just your bathroom floors and your tub and shower walls. Tile and stone floors have become popular surfaces in foyers, kitchens, utility rooms, family rooms, porches, and many other areas, both inside and outside of the home.

Like any other surface, these areas require ongoing daily, weekly, and/or monthly maintenance in the form of vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing. However, interim consumer maintenance is no substitute for the expertise, cleaning solutions, and equipment of a Platinum Care professional.

counterNew Granite countertop cleaning, seal and polish service

Are your granite counter tops beginning to show obvious signs of wear and the luster has faded away? We have the solution to your problems. With our six step process, we can return the high gloss finish to your countertops once again:

  1. We will mask off the cabinets and appliances to ensure we contain the process within the home.
  2. Clean the granite with our special cleaners designed exclusively for this type stone. Using a high speed adjustable tool for agitation.
  3. Remove all cleaning residue from the surfaces.
  4. Apply our stone polish and buff the surface with our high speed tool.
  5. Apply the seal and allow to dwell on the surface for thorough penetration.
  6. The final step is to buff the entire surface to bring back the high gloss finish.

Keeping your granite countertops cleaned, polished and sealed will add years of new life to your service areas. This service can be applied to both indoor and outdoor areas such as outside eating areas where weather conditions have dulled the original finish.

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The Cleanest Process
A wide variety of powerful cleaning solutions designed to remove soils, oils, buildups, spots, and stains is combined with a high pressure rinse and extraction to leave your tile and grout looking better than it has in years!

The Driest Process
Your tile and grout flooring can be cleaned and sealed on the same day, and freshly cleaned floors can be ready to tolerate light traffic in as little as four hours!

The Safest Process
Our tile and grout cleaners penetrate deeply into the porous surfaces of your tile and grout, removing soil and helping to eliminate mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other contaminants. Our sealers also help resist microbial contamination to leave your tile and grout as clean and healthy as possible.


Your Platinum Care professionals not only provide an unsurpassed result, but we are also dedicated to providing an outstanding service experience. We’ll protect your walls, fixtures, appliances, trim, and, especially, any stainless steel, as well as preventing tracking or cross-contamination of any adjoining carpets or other flooring.

Furthermore, we offer two options on sealing your surfaces. The application of a high quality penetrating sealer will help fill the pores of your grout lines and porous stone surfaces, providing moisture, soil, and stain resistance. With proper interim care, these sealers will last one to three years in most areas.



Make Your Grout Lines Bulletproof With The Application of Color Sealer!

While penetrating sealers fill the pores of grout lines to help repel soils and stains, they cannot and do not protect against any and all damage. The application of Color Sealer, however, will not only provide for a uniform color for your grout lines, it will also resist spots, stains, and soil in almost any circumstance. In fact, Color Sealer is so durable and resistant that the only way that we can remove it after doing a client demonstration is with the use of an aggressive coating stripper and heavy agitation. Other benefits include:

  • The ability to select the grout color of your choice
  • The ability to change your old grout color to a new grout color without the expense of removing and re-installing new grout and the risk of damaging your tile or stone
  • The ability to update the appearance of your home without expensive tile removal and replacement
  • A limited lifetime warranty

Before & After


Our Process – “Eight Steps To Beautiful Tile & Grout”

carp2Protect Home and Furnishings
Walk-off mats and corner guards protect home and entryways from tracking/damage from hoses etc. Appliances, stainless steel items, wood baseboards, cabinets, and trim must be covered, taped off, and/or otherwise fully protected to prevent contact with the cleaning solutions. Barriers may also be built to protect adjacent flooring such as carpet or wood.
carp2Carefully Move Furniture

Furniture is moved on 'skidders' to prevent damage to furniture or flooring.

carp2Pre-Treat With Appropriate Cleaning Solutions

Powerful alkaline solutions are applied remove soils from tile and grout. These solutions are agitated by machine and brush to increase emulsification and enhance soil removal. After the initial rinse described below, a second application of an acidic cleaning solution is applied, where possible, to help remove buildups such as soap scum and efflorescence while also etching the grout lines to prepare for the application of sealer.

carp2High Pressure Rinse

A hot water and carefully calibrated high pressure rinse and extraction removes emulsified soil and cleaning agents. The pressure is adjusted to ensure that difficult-to-reach cracks and crevices are cleaned while helping to minimize damage to weak grout lines or tiles.

carp2Detail Edges

No tool perfectly cleans edges and trim, so we make sure that all edges are maintained by hand brushing and hand drying these areas. No detail is too small.


Powerful air movers speed the drying process ensuring your floor is left dry, spotless, and clean.

carp2Apply Sealer / Finish

Top-quality sealers and Impregnators are used to make certain your grout repels stains for years to come.

carp2Wipe Baseboards

Finishes room, removes spots and overspray

Experience The Difference!

At Platinum Care, we are devoted to providing you with an outstanding experience from start to finish, personalized to meet your needs.

Every one of our service professionals are trained to not only meet, but exceed industry standards and take pride in going above & beyond by seeking to continue their education in the field.

As a result, we are able to reach our goal to not only provide services, but also educate, provide recommendations and individualized assistance to each and every one of our clients. If you are not satisfied, we will rush back to your home to address any correctable concerns. If you are still not satisfied, we will gladly return your money.

Our Mission

To provide the most outstanding service experience ever.


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